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We want our pupils to know that their hard work and good behaviour at school has been noticed. When they do something well their teacher will reward them by speaking to them in class, writing comments on their work and giving high marks.

House Points

Outstanding effort or achievement is recognised through the school house point system. Each pupil belongs to one of the following houses:





When a pupil tries very hard and when they  achieve success they are rewarded with house points. They  receive a certificate for every 100 house points they accumulate. They are also entered into a school draw from which they may win a small reward. Pupils who receive certificates for 400 house points and above also receive a "Gilbert's Gold" token which they may redeem for an item from the school stationery shop or for an item from the school canteen at break time. 

Purple Postcards

For a very exceptional piece of work or action, a pupil will receive a Purple Postcard which celebrates their achievement.  They will also be awarded 20 house points.