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Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities

Music Clubs

  • Key Stage 2 Keyboard Club -  Tuesday break times. Anyone can come and they can bring their snacks. Key Stage 3 students may rehearse in the practice rooms at this time too.
  • Key Stage 3 Guitar/Ukulele Club - Thursday breaktimes.

Peripatetic Music Lessons

If your child is interested in learning any of the following instruments, please contact Mrs. Saracino ( who will provide you with the contact details needed to arrange peripatetic lessons in school.

  • Piano/keyboard
  • Violin/viola/cello
  • Clarinet/flute
  • Saxophone
  • Brass instruments
  • Drum kit
  • Guitar/ukulele
  • Guitar

PE lunchtime sports clubs start on Monday 15th March

  •  Year 5 Thursday 12.30
  • Year 6 Monday 12.15
  • Year 7 Friday 13.15
  • Year 8 Wednesday 13.30

The first 30 students that arrive and are lined up at the normal PE entrance will be allowed in!

After School PE training

  • KS3 Boys' Football after school Club
    Every Thursday after school starting on 15th April. 
    For invited students. Ends at 4.30pm
  • KS3 Girls' Football after school Club
    Every Tuesday after school starting on 13th April. 
    For invited students. Ends at 4.30pm
  • KS2 Hockey after school Club
    Every Wednesday. Ends at 4.15pm. Starts on 21st April.