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'Gilbert's Voice' is a student-led blog where our Key Stage 3 pupils research, write, edit and publish the articles they think will interest pupils at Gilberts. It's an opportunity for them to have their voice heard. 

14th February 2020

Three School Rules


Part of this rule is that you must have the right equipment for each lesson you have:                                           

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Reading book
  • Rubber
  • Colouring pencils
  • Glue

 This also implies when you are always in time for your lesson, so you are not late. In addition to that you will need to make sure you have done your homework when it is due.


This will convey that you should be careful about school property.

 You must also be respectful to the teachers spare equipment that they have bought with their own money. This claims that you shouldn’t be messing around with them in case you damage the equipment or anything else (including people). These criteria will include to never say anything horrible to people.


This rule will include no messing around and no running in corridors. People on bikes will have to walk out the school gates so you don’t run into people or cars by the car park. Also, don’t ride your bikes or scooters within the school. On the other hand make sure not to go onto the mud in case you slip, get all muddy or hurt yourself.

By Jonathan 

28th January 2020

Gilbert’s Great Clubs

 The building work here at Gilberts has already begun and has started to take over our playground. This is why teachers here are trying to put as many clubs on as they can at break and lunch for the children. I went around for one lunchtime to experience the clubs and this is what I found out.

Girls Active:

Girls Active is an initiative to encourage more girls to get involved with sports. Our Year 8s had been specially trained to teach this new programme. Futsal, dodgeball and aerobics are among the sports taught here at Gilberts every Friday in the hall.

Film Club (KS3):

Film club is a very popular club at Gilberts. It’s a club where you get to sit down eat your packed lunch and watch a movie. This week they are watching Jurassic World, a film set off the coast of Costa Rica which is home to many different species of dinosaurs.

Sign Language Club:

According to Ahmed Khalifa (the founder of Hear Me Out), sign language can increase your IQ, it decreases stress levels, it increases your self-esteem and all round makes you smarter. Sign language is very beneficial which is why Miss Hewitt and Miss Fuller thought it would be an amazing idea to start it up as a club at lunchtimes.

 By Ethan

Time to Talk Day 2020

 Time to Talk Day is a day for children or teenagers with mental health issues to express their thoughts and feelings and talk to someone about their mental health.  Time to Talk Day offers support to those who need it most, and emphasises the importance of your input and feelings.

 The Time to talk team understand that it can be hard, uncomfortable or awkward, trying to talk about your mental health around others. That could be family, friends, or loved ones. Mental health can lead to strange feelings, thoughts or actions that you wouldn’t normally do but Time to talk day wants to change that by getting rid of the stigma in teenagers and children today living with mental health issues.

 This is important to talk about mental health because of the 20% of teenagers that are affected by this, and the one in ten children that are living with mental health, and they are trying to keep it inside which can lead to anxiety and depression.

 This year, the Time to Talk Day team are trying out the game, “Would you rather?” to try and get young people to talk about their problems. This is aimed to boost their self- esteem and support them. Time to Talk Day is on  6th February and remember,

Talk, Listen, Change lives 😊

 By Niamh